Why is this happening?

Are votes really for sale in California?

It has has been reported that in a recent election cycle, trial attorneys gave nearly $10,000,000 to certain California legislators [click to download document].  Although we plan to post the recipients of these contributions and their votes on key issues to reduce lawsuit abuse, we urge you ask whether those who vote against legislation which would help with this problem have accepted these contributions.  Could there be a connection?

For example, if you look at the voting record on AB 209, a bill to help reduce the growing problem of ADA accessbility lawsuits in California, you will see that over $425,000 was paid to legislators who either voted against this bill or failed to vote on it.  Click here for more info.

We urge you to ask legislators who have voted against these measures to tell you exactly what they are doing to address the growing problem of lawsuit abuse in California.  We especially urge their constituents who are hit with these suits to personally visit the legislators, and may be able to arrange for an attorney to accompany you so that the right questions get asked. 

This problem developed because people like you and I thought someone else was looking after things.  It appears someone has not been doing their job!

Both the California State Senate Judiciary Committee and the Assembly Judiciary Committee were given a number of opportunities to stop the epidemic of abusive lawsuits being brought under the Americans with Disabilities Act and California's accessibility laws (the Unruh Act and the Disabled Persons Act).  The purpose of this page is to document the fact that a number of fair and equitable solutions have been offered to these committees, during a time when thousands of abusive lawsuits filed under the imperfect laws were crippling and closing businesses, and each committee consistently failed to take action.

Although we will be posting more information about the bills and the proceedings leading up to the votes where they failed, we'd like you to know which California Legislators voted against them.  Next to each name, we have posted the contributions reported by the Civil Justice Association of California as having been made by trial lawyers during the 2001-2002 electoral races (ending 31 December 2002) [click to download].  Do you think these contributions influenced them?

Absent, abstaining or not voting:

Thus, the legislators who voted against these measures, or who did not vote for them, appear to have received a total of $701,500 in just the 2001-2002 election cycle alone, from trial lawyers.  Do you think it influenced them?  Are they doing all they can to reduce the problem lawsuit abuse is causing in California? 

We think you should applaud the following legislators, who brought and/or supported the bills:

Votes in favor:

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